Advantages for the practitioner:

- Use of advanced technology in the field of Rehabilitation: Biodex technology offers consistent, accurate, and objective data. This pioneering technology can be used in Sports, Orthopedic and Pediatric medicine; Neuro-rehab, Industrial medicine and Geriatrics. SEE LINK TO OUR TECHNOLOGY.

- Quality hands-on-care. Your patients will receive individualized care to help them achieve their functional goals. Our therapists use a variety of manual techniques, pain modalities and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

- Timely reports and updates. Our physical therapists will send you comprehensive reports keeping you informed about the progress of your patient. This allows patients a fast, effective, documented return to function. Please, refer to our technology link and sample reports.

- We make every attempt to have the same Therapist treat your patients for the duration of their Physical Therapy program.

- Aquatic Therapy. Our Therapists use water and specifically designed activities to enhance, restore, and maintain patients' functional abilities. Aquatic therapy enables patients to rapidly improve mobility, strength, and function during the healing process.

Advantages for your patient:

- Flexible hours to meet all kinds of demanding schedules: Early, late hours and weekend appointments available!

- Childcare services! Our patients can use complimentary YMCA childcare services while receiving Physical Therapy and while exercising between therapy sessions.

We look forward to working with you: call us: (518) 371-5554 or send us an e-mail.

Referrals: Please complete the Physician Referral form: sign and return via fax, e-mail or regular mail.

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