HECTORPT uses one of the most revolutionary treadmills in the field of Physical Therapy.

More than just a treadmill, the Gait Trainer 2 has an instrumental deck that monitors and records step length, step speeds and step symmetry (right-to-left time distribution).It compares these results to age and gender based normative data.



Audio and visual biofeedback
Real time biofeedback prompts patients into proper gait pattern
Objective documentation
Printed color reports track progress and document outcomes
Normative data
For comparisons to healthy populations
High resolution color touch-screen
LCD display Easy to see and use
Patient data storage
Maintains records to track progress, issue reports
Footfall data export
A versatile research tool that can work with standard PC programs
Open platform
Offers unobstructed use with unweighing systems (extended handrail options available)
Heart rate monitoring
Chest strap telemetry and contact handgrip to ensure proper training intensity

Instrumented deck

The Biodex Gait Trainer is the only treadmill with an instrumented deck that monitors and records step speed, step length and right-to-left time distribution (step symmetry).

Audio-visual biofeedback

Patients are motivated by the real time audio and visual biofeedback. They are prompted into proper gait patterns; step length, step speed and step symmetry. Biofeedback helps patients stay 'on target' in each phase of rehabilitation; steps lengthen, step speed increases and symmetry improves.

Objective documentation

Exercise summary reports track progress and document outcomes. The Biodex Gait Trainer compares step speed, step length and step symmetry to age and gender-based normative data.


Orthopedic, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Exercise

The Biodex Gait Trainer (BGT) has precise speed control to exactly match patient gait and ability. Using uphill or downhill walking and jogging emphasize specific muscle groups or motions. Using Retro-Walking helps promote the use of reciprocal muscle groups not normally exercised during forward walking alone.

Cardiopulmonary Exercise

Using the BGT 1/10 mph incremental speed control helps match patient cardiovascular capability through all phases of rehabilitation, from start to finish. Easy-to-read display to provide motivation and promote independent exercise. The optional Heart Rate function monitors patient's heart rate and set a target heart rate. This machine also monitors work rate in METs.

Geriatric Exercise

With the BGT zero starting speed, there's no need for patients to straddle the bed. Use the RTM's progressive, low incremental speed control to match patient capability. Simulate uphill and downhill ramp walking. Retro-Walk to reduce flexion contractors with total knee and total hip replacements. Retro-Walk is also great for promoting dorsiflexion. Dual-Height Extended Handrails and the optional Support Harness are available for extra security.

Pediatric Exercise

The BGT's zero starting speed and small, precise speed increments make this treadmill ideal for use with children too small to straddle a belt. BGT Dual-Height Extended Handrails (24" and 36" h (61 and 91.5 cm)) are comfort-ably positioned for children and small adults. Display tilts to ensure easy viewing.

Neuro-rehabilitation Exercise

Treadmills have long been used in therapy and conditioning to encourage patient compliance. Now, the BGT's zero starting speed, 1/10 mph speed increments and specially configured handrails permit the neurologically impaired to safely benefit. Like endless parallel bars, the BGT provides neurological patients with a safe environment to re-establish functional ambulation while allowing the clinician to remain stationary beside the treadmill for easier patient observation.


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