Hector PT Rehabilitation Services, is a provider of Senior Rehabilitation Services throughout the State of New York. We offer Outpatient Physical and  Occupational Therapy Services within Assisted, Independent retirement communities and private residences.

Hector PT Rehabilitation Services, based in Clifton Park, N.Y., is privately owned and operated by Hector Jasen, M.S.P.T. Hector founded Hector PT Rehabilitation Services on the premise that Physical and Occupational Therapy should be a positive and pleasant experience. 'The success of my practice is based on our individualized personal and professional approach. We pride ourselves on the level of care and understanding we use in approaching each patient's unique situation. We empower patients to take an active role in setting and achieving their functional goals'.

Hector PT Rehabilitation Services believes that Physical/Occupational Therapy should be innovative and fun. Our mission is to bring improved health and a smile back to every participant's life!

Hector PT Rehabilitation Program focuses on preventing injury, improving function and promoting the wellness of Seniors who reside within Retirement Communities. By furnishing in-house Rehabilitation Services we can conveniently and efficiently provide all residents the quality of care they deserve within the comfort of their home environment.

In an effort to improve the well being of all our patients, our commitment to quality care goes beyond offering traditional therapy services. We utilize State-of-the-Art technology to help our seniors achieve their functional goals.

We use the Biodex Fall Prevention Program to assess and treat the risk of falls in Seniors who reside at Assisted and Independent Communities. Biodex Technology allows our therapists to assess neuromuscular control by quantifying a person's ability to maintain balance on a static and dynamic surfaces. The unit we employ uses scientific technology and is a valuable training device which greatly improves the coping ability of adults with impaired proprioceptive reflexes.

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