HectorPT uses the Biodex Fall Prevention Program to assess and treat the risk of falls in Seniors who reside in retirement communities and private residences.  Biodex technology allows our therapists to assess neuromuscular control by quantifying a person's ability to maintain balance on static and dynamic surfaces.  The unit we employ uses scientific technology and is a valuable training device which greatly improves the coping ability of adults with impaired proprioceptive reflexes.

The Biodex Fall Screening and Conditioning Program is based on well established science and uses State-of-the-Art technology which creates an objective and efficient program.  This program is a quantifiable combination of risk factor screening, including analytical balance testing in conjunction with universally accepted normative data and medical protocols.

This Program is consistent with the American Geriatric Society Clinical Practice Guidelines for prevention of falls in older adults:

- Determine if you are at risk to fall.

- Identify the factors that put you at risk.

- Modify the risk factors.

- Improve mobility.

- Improve strength and endurance.

- Maintain Independence.

The facts speak for themselves, FALLS are the most significant cause of injuries in older adults.  Using the Biodex Balance System SD, which is based on well established science and the use of technology, our therapists can now identify and modify the factors that can lead to falls among older adults.


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